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MIDI-PAC related stuff

MIDI-PAC Manual:
MIDI PAC manual v31

Latest utilities available for the MIDI-PAC and MIDI-PAC v2:
MIDIPLAY Version 0.51
YS demo .MID file
MPCONFIG Version 2.08
MPUPDATE Version 2.00
MPFLASH Version 0.11
MPSTATUS Version 0.13
MPCLOAD Version 2.02
MPCSAVE Version 2.01

Latest firmware available for the MIDI-PAC v2:
Version 2.18

MIDI-PAC v2 configuration (MPC) files:
General MIDI MPC file (New 2.18 release)
KORG NS5R General MIDI MPC file

Latest firmware available for the MIDI-PAC:
Version 0.80(Compile bug fixed)
Version 0.70(First midiplay support)
Version 0.60
Version 0.50

MIDI-PAC configuration (MPC) files:
General MIDI MPC file (New 0.50 release)
MPC file for the Roland XP-30 synthesizer (John Hassink)
MPC file for the MT32 sound module (Jorrith)
MPC file for the Super sound module van Korg GM mode (Jorrith)

Identification (as a music extention) rom for the MIDI-PAC:
MIDIPAC.ROM (no basic extention)

Short movie shot during the milling of one of the MIDI-PAC carts:
Milling cartridge

MSX Music:

Giant MSX music pack

Music pack containing a lot of msx related (mgs,mbm,kss,mod,xg,etc..) kind of music files:
Giant MSX music pack (rar)


ACE Sound Studio related stuff


ACE SOUNDS STUDIOS documentation

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