Passion for technology

Animation Club Eindhoven was founded around 1990 by Tjeerd, Jan and Alex,
soon after Frank and Richard joined the club.
At that time, we all where MSX enthusiasts and good friends.
Luckily we all had our specific interests and qualities which worked out very well at the time.
During the active A.C.E. period (1990 - 1994) we were mainly concerned with gathering information,
Programming small experimental routines, making music, making some graphics and overall having fun !

Eventually we made the following MSX products:

MusicDisk 3

MusicDisk 4

ACE in space
level 1,2 and 3

ACE Sound Studio

(internal use only)

Audio Doom


Some demo's for the Quasar disk magazine

OPL3 cart (not released)

Around 1994 the idea came to us to start programming on the Super Nintendo in the hope to release a game.
As the name A.C.E. wasn't really applicable as an international brand and far from unique,
The idea rose to rearrange the team and to start working using a new name.
Because Alex and Jan already indicated they wanted to get more out their music skills we decided to break up the team into two groups.
Eventually Frank, Richard and Tjeerd came up with the name WORP3.
We used warp as it was a giant step, but we consciously decided to spell it with O to keep it unique, it sounds dutch too, that was a big plus.
The 3 referred to the three members, Tjeerd, Frank and Richard.
As Alex and Jan had decided to run their own group but still wanted to be refferenced to the same name,
they decided to use the name WORP3_MUSIC. Eventually they've made the following CD (Click and listen):

During the first WORP3 period we where primarily busy with converting the MSX game SD-Snatcher,
to the Super Nintendo platform, which was actually going quite well.
With the help of Rein and the already finished playable demo we persuaded Konami inside the Netherlands and Germany,
that releasing SD-Snatcher on the Super Nintendo was a good thing.
Unfortunately by the time we where in consultation with Konami Japan, they where hit by a big earthquake.
Because Konami did loose a lot during that earthquake, they where forced to reorganize their development strategy.
Eventually they decided to continue with the newer console and stop all the 8 and 16 bits developments,
which included the Super Nintendo and our SD-Snatcher project.

After the very disappointing news from Konami we tried to focus on developing our own game for the Super Nintendo.
This way we tried to put our gathered information, and the purchased development kit to good use.
Unfortunately by the time we finished the first playable level, we all felt that the time of the Super Nintendo was already ending.
During the upcoming year, our interest in developing a game slowly faded, eventually WORP3 got stuck in hibernating mode.

The hibernation fase continued until the year 2010, which was the time Tjeerd decided to sell all of it's MSX stuff.
It was during the selling that the MIDI-PAC prototype was rediscovered and found interest.
One thing led to the other and before I knew WORP3 was back again, or at least at 1/3 capacity.
During the first year Tjeerd took the time to re-design the MIDI-PAC, the WORP3 logo and created the first WORP3 website.

Some logo's out of the old box

Website versie 1.02