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10-11-2014 :

The new MIDI-PAC layout has been finished

Although we have enough to do on the on the Orbit project, we did manage to squeeze in a new MIDI-PAC design which can handle the new Xilinx cpld's.
We are glad the mentioning that the new PCB layout has been finished and will be ordered in the upcoming week.
See the picture below to get a impression on the new pcb:

New MIDI-PAC layout

20-09-2014 :

New batch of 5V CPLD's for the MIDI-PAC

Got our hand on a new large batch of 5V Xilinx CPLD's that will be used for the future MIDI-PAC's.
We where also able to get all of the old tooling working and we just succeeded in programming the first of those devices !
The re-layout of the PCB can now start which will secure a steady delivery of new MIDI-PAC's.

11-08-2014 :

Orbit PCB layout has started

After completing the design/schematics of the Orbit project, it's now time to start working on the layout of the main PCB board. This process will take some time as the design incorporated 728 components. Also a lot of traces will require additional attention because of the needed matched impedance.
Orbit layout start

01-08-2014 :

Styles CD preview added to music player

12-07-2014 :

New WORP3 website online.

10-04-2014 :

Short Orbit update

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