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01-04-2016 :

Preliminary MIDI-PAC v2 recordings

A lot of people where asking for some sample recordings to get an idea on how the new PSG feature would sound on a MIDI synth. To I've recorded some songs just to give you all an Impression on how the current version is sounding using a MU80 synth. To have some reference material, I also included some youtube movie links where you can hear the original msx version.
Have fun. (Sorry about the volume difference)

MIDI-PAC - Vampire killer - Hearth of Fire
Original - Vampire killer - Hearth of Fire

MIDI-PAC - YsII - Second part of intro
Original - YsII - Second part of intro

MIDI-PAC - Illusion City - Second part of the intro
Original - Illusion City - Second part of the intro

06-03-2016 :


As preparation for the new upcoming MIDI-PAC v2 hardware, MPUPDATE.COM and MPSTATUS.COM has been updated so they will support this new peace of hardware. Also the first application program for this new hardware has been put inside the download section.

25-01-2016 :

The new MIDI-PAC features

With the MSX fair still fresh in our minds, it around time to let you all know what the new MIDI-PAC hardware is capable of.
The most of you already heard that after adding a lot of new things to the current MIDI-PAC during the last couple of years, we reached the limits of what the MIDI-PAC was capable of. With that in mind we started thinking about what we could do to improve the MIDI-PAC so it can handle some of the most wanted features you all wanted to have. So now that the preliminary firmware is running, and the first demonstrations where given during the MSX fair, it's time to give you all an impression where we are actually working on.
As the most wanted asked feature was the PSG support, we redesigned the whole hardware so it could handle the psg data besides the current ym2413 soundchip. We also did give the micro controller present on the MIDI-PAC a lot more memory what gives us the possibility to extend the number of features the MIDI-PAC can handle. For example we are going to increase the number of voices you can configure for the original to midi conversion. We also increased the clock speed of the micro controller so we can handle more at the same time without this will be noticeable on the midi output.

  • Complete new hardware design
  • Increased clock speed for the internal micro controller
  • A lot more memory for the internal micro controller
  • Pipeline between the MSX and the micro controller has been updated so it can handle more data
  • PSG support added
  • Switched to an EPLD which we already have in stock

We've made some short audio samples so you all can get an impression on what the new PSG support can do, have fun:

Zanac PSG only example      DS6 percussion example

12-01-2016 :

New MIDI-PAC firmware running for the first time

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