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For those who wants to experience the MSX music in a new dimension, the MIDI-PAC can be purchased at the website.

The MIDI-PAC is a neat little cartridge designed to be compatible with the MSX music standard, but instead of outputting audio directly, it will output MIDI data from its build in connector instead.
When the MIDI-PAC is connected (using the supplied cable) to a MIDI synthesizer or sound module, all of the MSX music will play through the MIDI device.
Playing with the MIDI-PAC will give you a whole new experience as the quality of the voices are no longer defined by the YM2413 but by the connected MIDI device.
Use your old MSX music program as a high-end MIDI sequencer or connect the MIDI-PAC to a sequencer (or PC with sequencer software) and start recording/arranging all of your favorite game music.

To get an impression on how the current version is sounding, listen to one of the following recordings and be amazed:
(Songs are recorded using a Roland SC-55 or a SC-88, some are mixed with the PSG)

MGSEL musics (files can be found in my music pack):
FM Towns Genocide 2 (GE2-ST11.mgs)
Falcom sorcerian (SC-07.mgs)
Falcom sorcerian (YGM006.mgs)
Falcom Ys 1, Palace (YS-002.mgs)
Falcom Ys 1, The morning grow (YS-043.mgs)
Falcom Ys 3 (WYS07.mgs)
Konami Salamander, stage 3 (SALA3.mgs)
Square Final fantasy 6, intro(FF6-TINA.mgs)

Falcom Dragon slayer 6:
Song 1
Song 2
Song 3
Song 4

T&E Soft Undeadline:
Undeadline intro
Compile soundbite

Fire Hawk:
First level

Song 1
Song 2
Song 3

Tower of Gazzle:
Song 1

Princess maker
Song 1

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