Passion for technology


The Orbit project is a brand new challenge for our WORP3 team.
It will be a new MSX hardware compatible platform, completely built from scratch.
When ready, the Orbit platform will pack a lot of power which will greatly improves on the possibilities.

To give an idea of our design goals, here are some target design specifications:
-A very enhanced Z80/R800 binary compatible CPU which has a fully pipelined 32 bits architecture.
-The main memory will have a minimum capacity of 2 GBytes, bus width will be 32 bits.
-A high end video processor which is powerful enough to handle HDTV, yes MSX is going HD !
The VDP will have its own high bandwidth memory and has a VG9958 compatible subset.
-Audio sound processor on board.
The housing is half rack size, 19 inch. Mounting brackets can be placed.

On the frontside we find? :
-Power switch
-MIDI port
-SD-Cart slot
-3x USB ports
-MSX compatible cartridge slot and joystick port
-2.5mm Headphone jack

On the backside we find? :
-Power connector
-4x MIDI out ports
-High speed coax based expansion port
-HDMI port
-USB port
-Stereo audio in port
-Stereo audio out port

The housing is half rack size, 19 inch mounting brackets can be placed.

I will make pictures during the development process and place them on this page.
So if you are curious about the project, please take a look below:

New parts received

First plastic proto parts received

Frontside angled


The inside of the front

Front on top of a SC88

Sheet metal parts (Laser cut) received

Housing cover

Housing bottom (inside)

First fit after bending the upper and lower part

A real Orbit tower, all of the bended proto types

The first painted and assembled Orbit housing

Front side

Back side

1-10-2012, The three new assembled boards that will fit inside the front

Closeup of the power switch and joystick connector board

Closeup of the msx slot connector board

Closeup of the USB connector board

All new boards assembled inside the front

Front with all of the boards assembled on the main body

Orbit without the cover but with the MIDI-PAC cartridge inserted

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