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27-11-2015 :

Orbit PCB has arrived

After waiting anxiously on the arrival of the new Orbit main board, I can inform you that it has arrived. Although it's looking really nice, the big question was off-coarse if it would fit it's housing? And yes it fit's like a glove, see here for yourself:

30-10-2015 :

Orbit mainboard PCB layout almost finished

It has taken me a lot of free time, to get to this point where I can inform you all that the Orbit mainboard layout is almost finished. Actually the layout is finished, there are only small thing left to do before it's all polished up and ready to be ordered.
After I've ordered the PCB I will come up with all of the hardware specifications,but in the mean time you can take a look at the new Orbit mainboard:

New Orbit mainboard

16-01-2015 :

The new MIDI-PAC PCB has arrived

Although the plan was to have this new PCB somewhere in December, we are still glad to inform you that the new PCB did arrived. The PCB component where assembled last evening and cleaned today, so we now can continue with completing the new firmware. We are not going to make it to get a working proto at the Nijmegen MSX fair, but at least we can show the new hardware.


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