Passion for technology

20-09-2014 :

New batch of 5V CPLD's for the MIDI-PAC

11-08-2014 :

Orbit PCB layout has started

01-08-2014 :

Styles CD preview added to music player

12-07-2014 :

New WORP3 website online.

10-04-2014 :

Short Orbit update

31-08-2013 :

New MIDI-PAC firmware version 0.80

21-06-2013 :

General update

20-03-2013 :

MSX music pack update

31-01-2013 :

MIDI-PAC Midi file player

02-01-2013 :

Fresh new year

28-11-2012 :

Parts for the second prototype has been ordered

01-10-2012 :

New pcb boards assembled/updated Orbit pictures

19-09-2012 :

The first three boards arrived

25-06-2012 :

First prototype painted and assembled

10-05-2012 :

Orbit progress update

As developing the Orbit projects isn't only related to developing electronics and firmware, becomes clear when you are building your own prototypes. I've ordered a metal breaking machine to be able to get nice, accurate and clean sheet metal bends. Unfortunately this wasn't proceeding as planned as the breaking machine was far from precise and important settings weren't adjustable at all. So away with the notebook and in to the overall, let's do some metalwork!
I've made all kind of changes to all of the hinging points as they had way too much slack in them. The bending surface wasn't straight at all, actually the metal got already bend while clamping it. To correct this, I flattened the bending surface with a milling machine.
The mechanical stops for the fingers wasn't straight at all, this put all of the fingers out of alignment, which wasn't workable at all.
I've straightened the surface of the mechanical stops with a milling machine, the stops and the bending surface are both ok now. At the moment I'm working on adding two precise adjustable mechanical stops, so I can make really accurate bends, but even better I can get the same bend over different work-peaces. I'm making those two mechanical stops out of two modified calipers, one of those modified calipers can be seen on the pictures below.

So, luckily I can fix all of the bending problems, but it has taking some additional time. Hopefully I will be able to bends those metal sheets parts somewhere during the following week.

19-04-2012 :

Receiving the sheet metal parts

15-03-2012 :

Receiving the first plastic Orbit parts

23-02-2012 :

Receiving the first Orbit components

06-02-2012 :

History page

24-01-2012 :

Start of a new project "Orbit"

05-01-2012 :

New MIDI-PAC beta version

02-01-2012 :

New MIDI-PAC sample files

10-11-2011 :


23-09-2011 :

Project page template changed

27-07-2011 :


23-07-2011 :

MIDI-PAC Applications update

19-07-2011 :

New version of the MIDI-PAC manual

07-06-2011 :


02-05-2011 :

New MPCONFIG update

26-04-2011 :

New MIDI-PAC version

12-04-2011 :

MIDI-PAC Update bulletin

19-02-2011 :

First release of the MIDI-PAC manual

04-02-2011 :


21-01-2011 :

New MIDI-PAC software pack

10-01-2011 :

Giant msx music pack has been added to the download section

21-12-2010 :

New version of the MIDI-PAC PCB did arrive

20-12-2010 :

Download section rewritten, added some more MIDI-PAC utilities

20-12-2010 :

ACE Sound studio programmers documentation added to the download section

16-12-2010 :

MSX Music program has been added to the download section

28-11-2010 :

MPUPDATE utility for MSX-DOS placed within the download section

24-10-2010 :

First two MIDI-PAC modules have been shipped

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