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21-12-2010 :

New version of the MIDI-PAC PCB did arrive

The waiting came to an end, when I finally received the new batch of MIDI-PAC pcb's.
I did a quick peek on the delivered quality and I can inform you they are just perfect !

20-12-2010 :

Download section rewritten, added some more MIDI-PAC utilities

20-12-2010 :

ACE Sound studio programmers documentation added to the download section

Found the programming documentation I used during programming the music program.
Inside the documentation there is a lot of info on the bios, buildup, commands, file structure etc.etc.
Remark: The music program has been written using a turbo-r, I never tested it on an other MSX !

16-12-2010 :

MSX Music program has been added to the download section

28-11-2010 :

MPUPDATE utility for MSX-DOS placed within the download section

24-10-2010 :

First two MIDI-PAC modules have been shipped

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