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28-11-2012 :

Parts for the second prototype has been ordered

Just a short update on the progress.
Besides the development of the mainboard, which is in full progress. I did find me some time to order the newly adjusted plastic parts which will enable me to complete the second prototype.

01-10-2012 :

New pcb boards assembled/updated Orbit pictures

The components for the newly received pcb boards are assembled and all of them are placed inside the front of the housing. I've also added some new, higher quality pictures of the Orbit project.

Go see the Orbit project page for the newly and better pictures.

19-09-2012 :

The first three boards arrived

After waiting a couple of weeks I finally received the first three pcb boards. I will assemble those pcb very soon and fit them inside the front of the Orbit housing.

25-06-2012 :

First prototype painted and assembled

10-05-2012 :

Orbit progress update

19-04-2012 :

Receiving the sheet metal parts

15-03-2012 :

Receiving the first plastic Orbit parts

23-02-2012 :

Receiving the first Orbit components

06-02-2012 :

History page

24-01-2012 :

Start of a new project "Orbit"

05-01-2012 :

New MIDI-PAC beta version

02-01-2012 :

New MIDI-PAC sample files

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