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31-08-2013 :

New MIDI-PAC firmware version 0.80

It turned out that in Aleste the rhythm track is somewhat behind the musical tracks.
After some investigation it seems that Compile is changing the volume of a specific rhythm instrument,
after they activated it. Since Aleste only uses the snare drum in most of its music,
it sounds like the rhythm comes one step behind.
After someone quickly scanned through other Compile products,
it turned out that not only Aleste suffered this oddity.
Another notable Compile game that suffers this issue as well is Golvellius 2.
Therefore this issue is now informally referred to as the "Compile bug".
The new 0.80 version will fix this delayed rhythm problem so get it out of the download section while it's still hot.

21-06-2013 :

General update

It's a while ago that you could read a new message here, luckily this doesn't mean that there wasn't any progress.
As our twitter friend already know, a lot of time has been spent in completing all of the schematics of the Orbit main-board.
To give you an idea of has been done lately, here a short summary:

  • USB PHY, HUB controller, RTC, Audio codec, Audio decoder,
    main memory and VRAM memory chips has been selected and ordered.
  • High speed interface schematic completed.
  • USB PHY schematic completed.
  • USB HUB schematic completed.
  • RTC schematic completed.
  • Audio mixer schematic completed.
  • Audio codec schematic completed.
  • MSX bus and front driver schematic completed.
  • Midi interface schematic completed.
  • FPGA has been selected and added to the library.
You can see, a lot of progress and in fact it's almost time to start with the PCB layout.

20-03-2013 :

MSX music pack update

The MSX music pack which can be found inside the download section, has been updated.
You now can find a lot more OPX files, basic files, psg musics and moonblaster songs.
Have fun!

31-01-2013 :

MIDI-PAC Midi file player

02-01-2013 :

Fresh new year

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